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Sample House Location Survey

 Sample house location survey drawn at 1"= 30' scale on legal size paper (8.5"x14"),  color is standard.  A laminated copy is also available. Delivery of a digital image can also be arraigned.(IE: PDF, JPEG or TIFF). Notice the larger drawing area and the placement of your logo and contact info. Prices start at $225.00 for townhouses to $250.00 for single family homes on lots up to two acres after two acres prices will be negotiated prior to start. These price will vary depending on size, shape and location.

Sample Boundary Survey

Sample Boundary Survey at 1"=30' Scale on 24"X36" sheet. Note extra Detail showing all monumentation used in resolving the boundary. This is a state requirement that many of my compatriots do not always adhere to. Boundary Survey prices vary with each parcel they depends on use and zoning.

Sample Arlington County Grading Plan

Sample Arlington County Grading Plan, these plan set usually average 7 sheets, with the 7th Sheet being the tree preservation plan prepared by a certified arborist. Cost vary upon location, size and watershed.